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Medical mask and accessories r & d production sales

High quality raw material

Purchase raw materials from large enterprises, quality assurance!

Check strictly

Own processing workshop and testing equipment, equipment testing process strict raw materials into the factory。

State-of-the-art technology

Introduction of advanced production equipment from Germany, high precision, small error(Meet: medical and health standards
Increase the gas resistance to slow down the gas flow rate, dust more thoroughly。

Long service life

Melt-blown fabric(High quality, layer upon layer verification
Use protective sleeve. Long service life, good use effect. Fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 micron

Safety and security

The equipment adopts top vent, fully automatic control, 100% safe and stable。


Cooperation Process

Five advantages of the company, to give you more protection

High-tech enterprises, independent research and development, the strength of the guarantee

Focus on medical care, various types of masks;

The company sells three-layer respirators;

High density professional level, effectively prevent the invasion of viruses and bacteria;

Domestic top patent technology, self-production and self-marketing,
low factory price,complete supporting spare parts

Comply with American NIOSH professional standards;

The same type specification price is the best, the quality is guaranteed;

One-stop service, eliminating the intermediate links, for customers to save costs;

Customized filtration effect for different gas media ≥95%

Optimize the design of the bridge of the nose, comfortable fitting;Adjustable convenience button;

Avoid the use of chemical materials, avoid skin and respiratory symptoms;

Develop appropriate solutions for different use environments;

A number of engineering qualifications, protection effect is guaranteed

All products are guaranteed global, superior material supply guarantee;

From product design, product manufacturing, after - sales service all procedures strictly;

Awarded ISO9001 product quality system certification and national key new product certificate;

After - sales service system, really let you worry about

Professional technical service team will follow up the production progress of orders for you

Free samples, regular customer return visit regular maintenance;

Material supply to ensure all products from source to production

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Certified by the world authority

Mouth protection products require higher hygienic standards
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